The best way to provide service as the economy recovers

Career development has now become the number one reason professionals would join an association, and that should come as no surprise with everything happening with the economy right now.  

Twin this with 60% of jobseekers using associations for networking to find jobs, and it's now more important than ever to provide a true career center that can guide members through professional stages and career changes.
A true career center platform includes careers advice content, virtual career fairs, skills assessment, employer branding, and so much more. This allows your association to provide value for members even when they're not actively looking for a job - growing member engagement and non-dues revenue in the process.  

In this recorded webinar you'll learn about:
  • The current online recruitment landscape
  • Strategies to be a truly invaluable career development resource amidst the recovery of covid
  • Planning for the inevitable surge in recruitment when the economy begins to bounce back

Watch the Webinar