Google for Jobs: Understanding the Impact in the UK

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Back in July 2018 Google entered the European recruitment market when they launched a new job search experience to their UK audience. The market had been expecting the move for some time, but uncertainty around its impact was beginning to grow.  

Now that the dust has settled, we looked at the data and tell you exactly how it’s impacted job board performance. We work with over 500 global brands and have significant insight into the performance of UK job boards – putting us in a unique position to analyse Google’s impact across the industry. 

We also looked at: 

  • The history of Google for Jobs and what it is  
  • It’s impact in the US over the last year  
  • It’s impact in the UK since launch 
  • It’s impact on different types of job boards in the UK
  • It’s impact on different regions in the UK
  • What the future might hold 
  • The things your job board can do to take advantage 

*Please not this webinar was record on October 18, 2018. 

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