How Associations can Grow Membership in a Pandemic

Learn how to provide value when it matters most


A Complete Guide of Current Influences on the Decision to Join

  • A comprehensive analysis of the job market
  • Key findings on why professionals don't join
  • Learn the new #1 reason professionals would consider joining
  • Insight into what industries are hiring right now
  • Find out what are the most in demand job titles 
  • A breakdown of industries that will take longer to recover
  • The key tools needed to provide value and fuel growth
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Want to grow your membership during the pandemic?

Look no further.

Right now, many professional associations are faced with the challenge of fueling member growth and retention amidst a global pandemic, an economic slump, and a volatile job market.

COVID-19 continues to plague society and the economy, causing professionals within your niche to tighten their pockets while trying to navigate their career during these challenging times.

This guide provides a comprehensive analysis on all the variables at play influencing the decision to join, and how you can use this information to strategically fuel growth during this new normal. If you're looking for up to date information on what members want from an association and how to increase membership, then this guide is for you.

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Will the insights in this guide really help me grow membership?

We've done thorough research and analyzed data from multiple sources to provide a comprehensive overview of the most strategic way to increase membership during the pandemic. The information shared in this guide will inform what your professional audience want from your organization right now, and the best way to provide value when your community needs it most. 

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