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Association Next Generation Interaction

The next generation of professionals now consume information across a collection of devices.

Our recent survey showed that 42% of jobseekers use 8 digital channels for job hunting, and 100% use at least 4. With systems such as voice search, AI, blockchain, and chatbots on the rise this will only get more complex.

These new technologies will have profound effects on how jobseekers interact with your association. Your Career Center must adapt accordingly. Join the webinar to learn how to provide real value for your younger members.

During this talk we:

  • Examine the expectation of jobseekers and how they interact with your organization
  • Look at some of the techniques around data capture
  • Review case studies where interaction has changed KPI'
  • Highlight key benchmarks allowing you to understand where you are in relation to industry averages

Courtney Churey, Customer Success Manager